How to start forex trading

The scope of Forex trading is increasing day by day. Many people, on a daily basis, start investing money in the Forex market due to larger returns. If you want to become a Forex trader and know how to start forex trading, then read this article.

Forex Trading is investing in currencies to take advantage of their fluctuation. The FX market is the world’s largest financial market, where many traders speculate market conditions to spend their money in the right pair at the right time.

The change in the price of the currency depends on various factors such as economic indicators, inflation rate, the standard of living of people, political status etc. Let us have a look at the Forex Trading Example.

How to Start Forex trading
Suppose a trader is trading in JPY/GBP, A news is surfaced that Japan will dominate the technology market due to its latest automobile innovation.  This news has a positive impact on Japan’s currency as compared to the British. In this case, the trader will buy the currency pair. So that’s how factors such as news and economic calendars affect a trader’s buying and selling decisions.

Steps on How to start Forex Trading

Forex Trading is a complex process. The FX market involves a huge risk. You need to execute your trades properly to make tons of money with small amounts. How to start forex trading for beginners is a million-dollar question. Look at the step-by-step procedure of How to start forex trading in 2023.

  • Trading Education: Learn to earn
  • Select the Best Forex Trading platforms: Reliable and regulated Broker
  • Open an Account: Practice is Must
  • Identify a currency pair: The most crucial step
  • Market Analysis: Research for the best result
  • Develop a trading strategy: Solid plan to get the desired result
  • Place the trade: Go slow and steady

A quick glance

Forex Trading is the process of investing in currencies to take advantage of their fluctuation. Learn with examples. 

Steps on How to start Forex Trading

  • Trading Education
  • Select the Best Forex Trading platforms
  • Open an Account
  • Identify a currency pair
  • Market Analysis
  • Develop a trading strategy
  • Place the trade

The minimum amount to start trading in Forex depends on the type of account, its services and its features. A trader can start forex trading with $100.

Trading Education: Learn to earn

Daily, trillions of dollars are traded in the FX market. Trading education is a must before investing your hard-earned money. A practical understanding of the market, how it works, and its factors enables a trader to predict price change better.

A trader can learn Forex trading from different resources. Many Forex trading platforms offer financial training. Besides these, various financial courses, blogs, online classes, and video tutorials are available to learn.

How to start forex trading for free.

Select the Best Forex Trading platforms: Reliable and regulated Broker.  

For trading in Forex, you need a Broker. Forex Broker acts as a middleman between a trader and the market makers. A trader visits the Forex Brokers platform to buy and sell the currency.

Selecting the best Forex broker is the most crucial step. Many scammers in the market lure you with attractive features. Therefore a trader needs to select a broker wisely. Factors you need to check before selecting a broker

  • Regulation and Authority.
  • Previous performance and reviews.
  • Analysis of website and social media platforms.
  • Fees structure or trading charges.
  • Customer services, trading tools and instruments.
  • Comparison with other forex broker services
How to Start Forex Trading For Free

Open an Account: Practice is Must

Now the question arises, How to open a forex trading account? A beginner in Forex trading can open a demo account. It provides a facility to traders to start trading with false money. There is no risk of losing money in a demo account. However, you can learn  How to start forex trading and place trades.

After practising trading from Demo Account, now open a Micro Account. In Micro accounts, beginner traders can trade by opening smaller contracts. Investing in small amounts is considered best for beginners. The amount of risk depends on the amount of investment.

Identify a currency pair: The most crucial step.

The market has more than 170 currencies and three types of currency pairs. For trading in different currency pairs, you have to monitor all the currency pairs’ price movements. Therefore a trader needs first to select a currency pair in which he will trade in future. 


Generally, beginners and retail traders trade in major currencies. However, one can trade in any currency pair. After critically examining the market, time zone and risk management factors.

You need to select a currency pair for trading. Selecting a currency pair means you will buy and sell this particular pair. For a beginner, EUR/USD is one of the best pairs to begin trading with, as it is considered the most stable. 

Market Analysis: Research for the best result

The most important step in How to start forex trading is market analysis. There are mainly three methods of analysis in Forex. It includes fundamental, technical and sentimental analysis. Currency value changes due to news, economic indicators, natural calamities, politics, etc. 

Market analysis refers to the study of the market. It enables the trader to determine the entry, exit, stop loss and other trade pivot points. There are various tools for market analysis. These tools help the trader discover the right trading opportunities at the right time.

Develop a trading strategy: Planning is the key to success

After analyzing the market, a trader must develop a solid Forex trading strategy to initiate a trade. It is common behaviour in trading that beginners do not give importance to strategy making. As a result, they suffer negative outcomes.

The trading strategy helps the trader to become successful. Your success depends on the effectiveness of your plan. Take your time to make the best plan, including factors such as money management, risk assessment techniques and other important details. 

Place the trade: Go slow and steady.

If you are satisfied with the plan, then test it and implement it. The final stage of how to start a forex trading Business is to place the trade. You can now start trading with a small amount. 

Suppose you are trading in EUR/USD. If you think that the value of the EURO rises against the Dollar, then buy the currency pair, or if you think that the value of the EURO will decrease against USD, then sell the pair. 

Remember, it is essential to monitor your trade regularly and make changes according to the price moments. When you feel that it’s time to close your position, then make the opposite trade to when you have opened it.

Which is the minimum amount to start trading forex?

As of now, we have learned How to start forex trading. If you are wondering about the minimum amount required for forex trading or How to start forex trading for free, then here is the answer. The minimum amount to start trading in Forex depends on the type of account, its services and its features.

A trader can start forex trading with $100. It is best to use 1% of your account balance on a trade. Some brokers open accounts with no initial deposit. Meanwhile, Some brokers require a minimum initial deposit of $50 for account opening.    

Bottom Line

Forex Trading is one of the best ways to invest money in the market. You can make lots of money from the fluctuation of currency prices. However, you can also lose lots of money in the market. 

You need to follow all the steps of How to start forex trading we have discussed above to place trade effectively. Every step of forex trading has its significance. To make money in the forex market, a trader needs to put in time and effort. Research and Analysis, Developing a solid plan and education help the trader to minimize potential losses.

In the Forex market, currencies are traded based on speculation. The accuracy of your speculations depends on your knowledge of the market, trading and analysis skills. To predict the market better, you have first to study the market and its factors. Follow these Forex trading steps effectively and invest wisely.

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