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Admiral Markets is amongst the top forex brokers globally. That’s why we have decided to conduct Admiral markets review the platform, its features, services, pricing policies, and analyze its pros and cons to help you in determining whether to subscribe it or not. 

It is a popular forex brokers platform regulated by some of the most reputed institutions of tier-2 and tier -3 which includes the Australian Securities and Exchange Commission (ASIC), Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Cyprus (CySEC), New SRO, South Africa, and Jordan (JSC).

The forex brokers platform offers products and services in various financial assets, including shares, indices, commodities, cryptocurrency, forex, etc. You can trade over 8400 tradable symbols and over 4000 CFD products on the platform.

Also, the best part about these brokers is you can trade on MT4, MT5, and MetaTrader supreme editions at your convenience. Admiral Markets offers services in more than 40 countries. 

It offers different accounts, from the demo, standard to professional suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced traders. So traders lacking market understanding can start with a demo account and determine how the market works. You can also test the services and features of this broker by opening a demo account and comparing it with other platforms. 


You can find all you are looking for on Admiral Markets, including fundamental, technical analysis and risk management tools, trading courses and training, margin calls, education material, webinars, videos, trading strategies, etc. The broker’s platform has been serving for more than 13 years and has a large global customer base.   

The best thing about the platform is it provides traders with smooth withdrawal and deposit facilities, which is a must. Many traders need help withdrawing their money in the market, and some brokers also charge withdrawal fees. With admiral brokers, you don’t have to pay any withdrawal fees. Also, with fundamental and technical analysis, admiral brokers provide sentimental analysis tools and market news, which will help you make the right trading decision

Admiral Markets also has an app for traders to trade on their desktops, tablets, or mobile phones. However, the mobile app’s quality could be better than the current market standards. Also, in the present time, when almost all reputed brokers provide 24/7 customer support, Admiral Market does not serve its client 24 hours. It can be a huge problem for forex traders as, at any point in time, at least one trading session remains open. 

However, you can file your complaint via call, email, and social media. Also, many reputed brokers in the market provide facility to open a trading account with zero balance, whereas, with Admiral Markets, you require at least 100 Dollars to open your account. The services offered with minimal account holders are very limited compared to the premium ones.

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We have analyzed all the services and features of the platform. According to our admiral market review, it is a good broker that provides clients with a transparent, safe, credible, and reliable system. With great experience and a large customer base, its activities are well-regulated. It also provides clients with competitive pricing. It charges a low cost for its products and services. Also, you can pay using cards, digital wallets, or banks to keep a record of your payments. However, admiral markets also charge inactivity fees which may not be a good sign, and the spreads are up to 0.6 pips. It offers exciting offers and rebates, but these are only for VIP clients.

Admiral Brokers offer leverage up to 1:500, which can be great for advance traders with large account balances. You can get margin calls from time to time when your fund level decreases. Also, services are available in multiple languages, so you can use the platform in your language.

One thing which may be a huge drawback for some traders is that it only accepts clients from the USA. As we all know, the US market is one of the major centers for forex trading, and if a broker does not serve there, it creates a trust issue among people.  The platform also has a user-friendly website where you find blogs, market news, trading tools, webinars, videos, and education available for free. You can also check the services and client reviews to track their performance. There were both negative and positive reviews about the platform. However, the number of positive feedback is much more than the number of negative feedback.


Admiral Markets can be a good platform to start trading with, especially for traders dealing in CFD and forex. As per our Admiral markets review, itgot a trust score of 90 out of 100. And, on a scale of 5, we give four point two ratings to this broker. 

We recommend a free platform trial, as demo testing is available. Although there is a much difference between the service offered to demo and real account holders. However you will at least get an idea of the quality of its services. Remember, before selecting a fx broker, it is necessary to check certain factors such as automated software, regulations, trading tools, customer support, previous performance, analysis methods, pricing structure, etc. If the broker suits your needs, then you should go for it.


  • With forex brokers and account opening services, Admiral Markets provides free forex signals services and other freebies. The main aim of such free facilities is to promote the brand and create customer services. Also, the quality of these trade signals is good. So it will be an added advantage, 
  • Many forex brokers are present in the market, but if you want a reliable and regulated platform, there are only a few options. Generally, traders need help finding a credible platform because they are depositing their funds. As far as security is concerned, Admiral Markets is a secure platform. 
  •  Another advantage of Admiral Markets is it offers a wide range of financial products to trade in, including currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks, shares, indices, etc. So it is a great place for traders who diversify their risk. 


  • The cost of trading with Admiral Brokers is low. Also, there are no withdrawal fees. However,the commission and fee structure is complex. Also, the platform charges inactivity fees, and you need at least 100 Dollars to open an account. It may be a big deal for beginners or traders with low account balances.  
  • Due to regulatory issues, Admiral Brokers are unavailable in some big countries, such as the USA. So, a trader need first check whether the broker is available in your country or not. 

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