Investment Courses for Beginners 2024

Investment Courses for Beginners 2024

Looking for a platform to learn investing in the financial market? Discover top platforms to get investment courses for beginners & learn from the best.

Investment careers are getting people’s attention from different fields due to high returns and big trading success stories. People have made millions by investing money in the market. 

You may have heard of a popular phrase, “Learning is essential for earning,” which is so true, especially in the dynamic financial market. 


However, not everyone can make money from investing, as it requires impeccable financial market knowledge. And, for a profitable investment career learning is a must.

In this blog, we will discuss the platforms where you get the best investment courses for beginners and the factors to look for when selecting the right one. So stay tuned.

A quick glance

Investopedia offers the best investment course for beginners in the industry. The platform provides educational courses, daily financial news, reviews, blogs, articles, and whatnot.

  • Investopedia 
  • Baby Pips
  • Udemy 
  • Market Investopedia 
  • Coursera

For selecting the right investment course, analyze the reputation, experience, cost, flexibility, and quality of educational Resources.

  • Learning is the first step on the ladder of investment success, and skipping it will only give you an unfavorable outcome. So first learn and then earn.

5 Top Platforms to Get Investment Courses


Investopedia is the Wikipedia of the financial world; search anything related to the financial world, and the one result you will always get is Investopedia. The platform provides trading courses, daily financial news, reviews, blogs, articles, and whatnot. 

Investopedia is a great platform to get all the financial related information. When it comes to beginners’ education Investopedia offers exceptional paid and free investment courses.

The platform has a great user-friendly website; just visit the website, and a flood of data is available. Access to different educational resources on forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, derivatives, options, ETFs, bonds and all other financial markets on the platform. 

No doubt, Investopedia offers the best investment course for beginners in the industry. However, being the most reputable platform, the courses are quite expensive.

Baby Pips

Baby Pips is another popular platform to get trading and investment courses for beginners online. It is a financial education website where you can get numerous blogs and articles that too for free. 

You just need to visit the website, select the sections and get access to trading lessons. Also, the courses are divided into basic, intermediate, and advanced levels, making them suitable for all kinds of learners. 

The best part about this platform is the language really simple and beginner friendly. Even a person with zero financial market knowledge can learn trading from these resources. 

People interested in learning with real-life examples, case studies, and live market conditions can go for this platform. Although you can learn about different financial markets on Baby Pips. However, when it comes to the forex market and cryptocurrency market, the courses are the best in the industry. 


Udemy is a leading platform where you can get not only investment courses but many other courses also. The platform aim to provide education and courses to a global audience. 

For the financial and investment market, the platform offers numerous courses. So you can choose according to your interests, experience, knowledge, and time frame. 

Also, the best part about this platform is it offers live and recorded classes. You can learn investment strategies from professionals in the field and get the answers to all your questions. 

As a leading platform, the track records and previous customer reviews of Udemy’s investment courses are really good. It can be an ideal option to get investment courses for beginners online.


If you are looking for more professional learning, then Coursea can be a good choice. Here you will get proper investment courses of different levels and market that too with certification. 

Also, you can find courses on different complex investment topics like investment portfolio diversification, fundamentals of investing, risk management, investing strategies, investment banking, financial planning, etc. 

So the investment courses are not only suitable for learning basics, but you can also learn about complex financial topics. These courses guide you in planning and starting your investment career. 

Professional traders are interested in learning the technicals of investing rather than the theoretical aspects can go for this platform. And, from these investment courses, they can choose a course according to their interest.

Market Investopedia

Market Investopedia is a leading educational website to learn trading and investing in financial markets. You can find a range of courses on forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, and other financial market. 

For the reference of the courses, you can read the articles presnent on the website. In addition to educational content, you can access live webinars and free investment classes on the platform.

With the basics, the platform provides comprehensive resources to learn sentimental, technical, and fundamental analysis. It will help you in predicting the rise and fall in the market.


How to select the best investment course for beginners


Conduct in-depth research about the platform you are buying courses. When it comes to free investment courses, you should not care about this factor much. 

However, when you are paying a good amount for the courses, then going for a reputable platform is a must. For reputation analysis, you can check previous customer reviews, investment course ratings, and website content. 


The investment world is complex, dynamic, and risky, with different instruments and market conditions. So, if you want to learn investment, then the experience of the education platform, and the faculty is a must. Select the courses that offer investment classes by professionals and experts in the market. 


You can get free investment courses on different platforms. However, paid investment courses are better for comprehensive and quality learning. 

Also, going for too expensive courses is not good in the beginning. The investment course should fit your budget and requirements.


For most people, investment is like a side hustle or a secondary source of income. So, everyone can’t dedicate hours in learning. In such cases, you should attend courses offering flexible timing, recorded lectures, and lifetime access. 

Resources Quality:

Last but not least is the quality of the resources; avoid purchasing courses that offer you theoretical written content or PDFs only. 

Such content is available on Google for free; therefore, go for courses that offer investing classes, case studies, live webinars, and sessions for practical learning.

Wrapping Up

The thought of learning investment before entering into the financial market is quite rare. Most people enter the investment world to become millionaires overnight and end up failing. 

Learning is the first step on the ladder of investment success, and skipping it will only give you unfavorable outcomes. Knowledge makes you different from the gamblers and opens the door for success. So first learn and then earn.

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