How to Trade in Cryptocurrency?

A successful forex trading strategy refers to a strategy to buy and sell currencies effectively. The currency trading strategy is a plan or a technique used by a forex trader to determine the right time for buying or selling a currency pair. In other words, a currency trading strategy is a system of guidelines that help a trader consistently analyze the market behavior in order to identify whether there is a high chance to buy or sell a currency pair.

How to Trade in Cryptocurrency

Trading Cryptocurrency for Beginners

The currency strategies are formulated on the basis of technical tools like previous data analysis and algorithms or on the basis of fundamental analysis tools like news events, crises, etc.

These strategies are usually made up of trading signals or indicators that affect the buying and selling of a currency pair. These trading signals are generated by manual and automated tools.

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Trading cryptocurrency requires market knowledge. If you can measure the market right. You can receive much higher returns from trading crypto than from traditional investments.

  • CFD

  • Buying cryptocurrencies via an exchange

Decide how you would like to trade in cryptocurrencies.

Before Doing Trade, First Learn How Cryptocurrency Works

Open a trading account.

Built a strategy for trading

Select your cryptocurrency trading platform.

Open, observe and close your first position.

How to Trade in Cryptocurrencies

You need to make an effective currency trading strategy based on a well-reasoned analysis of the market. It is very important for a trader to use a high-quality Forex trading system that works for him in order to get the desired result. It is possible only by effective formulation and implementation of Currency trading strategies. Here is a step-by-step procedure to formulate an effective forex trading strategy. 

Selection of a currency pair

The first step for making an effective trading strategy is to select the currency pair which a trader wants to buy or sell in the future. A trade needs to reads the trends and signals of that pair first to formulate an effective strategy.

Buying cryptocurrencies via an exchange

On the other hand, you might decide to buy a cryptocurrency, which means you need to take part of the ownership of the digital currency completely to keep it in a digital wallet and profit if the currency value increases. Before you can start trading, you need to open a wallet of cryptocurrency and an account with a crypto trading platform. In this process, there can be a lot of steps, and for an account, you might have to join a waiting list. Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency Bitcoin, BTC, Bit Coin. Bitcoin and Ethereum golden coins on a chart. Blockchain technology, bitcoin mining concept.

Before Doing Trade, First Learn How Cryptocurrency Works

The cryptocurrency market works in different ways from other financial markets, making it very important to understand how it works. And to know the jargon used to explain it before you start trading.

The cryptocurrency market is a decentralized digital currency network that works by peer-to-peer transaction checks sooner than a central server. The transaction is added to the blockchain when the cryptocurrency buys and sells.

A shared ledger records that data through the process of mining. Cryptocurrency is volatile, making it more important to know what changes in the market. It can be anything from ICO and Blockchain forks to breaking news or government rules and regulations.

Open a trading account.

Instead of buying cryptocurrencies, you can trade on them. You can be ready to open a faster position. You don’t need a trading account or digital wallet. You need to trade via CFD. 

It is an account with a leveraged trading provider. With the help of IG, You can open an account in a few minutes. So there is no commitment to add funds till you want to put a trade. You can also learn trading from the crypto trading course provided by these platforms.

Built a strategy for trading

It is the most crucial step of how to Trade in Cryptocurrency. A trading strategy is essential to success for any trader, but even more crucial for cryptocurrency traders because the market can see the high numbers of Volatility. 

Crypto trading strategies are like a double-edged weapon where the variability makes the market attractive, but it isn’t easy to trade. 

That’s why your trading plan should include risk management tools and an outline of your goals in which cryptocurrency you want to trade, and a procedure for opening and closing trades -called a trading strategy.

Select your cryptocurrency trading platform.

Our Trading platform can give you smarter and faster methods to trade cryptocurrencies CFD with interactive charts, personalized alerts, and fixed risk management tools. 

You can trade via the IG platform using a web browser, mobile apps, and MT4 (Advanced third-party platform).

Open, observe and close your first position. 

Once you have opened your account and chosen your platform with IG, you do not need to own a digital wallet. And you can start trading with cryptocurrency straight away.

Whether you have chosen to trade bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, all you want to do is open the deal ticket for your selected market, and you will see both buy and sell listed prices. 

You can choose the position size and then select buy to open a long position and sell to open a short one. Remember, once your trade hits a certain level, you can add stops or limits to close the trade and protect it from unnecessary risks.

In the section of the dealing platform, you can monitor the profit or loss of your position in the open positions. And when you have determined that it is the right time to close your position, you need to put an equal trade in the opposite direction.


While learning how to Trade in Cryptocurrency, a trader must remember it is not a simple task; before starting any trading, you must thoroughly understand the product’s basic knowledge. 

You want to build a plan while trading in cryptocurrency. Whenever you need an update about the market, these will help you know which currency is performing well. 

Cryptocurrency is a stable market where you can trade with long-term patience. It is not a scheme; it is a long-term investment, So Trading with proper strategy and learning daily.

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