Carlos and Company Review 2021- Legit or Scam

Those who are looking for professional support in forex trading and seeking services from Carlos and Company should check Carlos and Company’s review . With various strategies,High experience professional teams Carlos and Company is one of the top financial consultants on the list.The company looks qualified when it comes to high-quality signals and everything that you need to succeed in the forex market world.

Carlos and Company is one of the famous signal providers with above 20,000 client base worldwide. They operate in various financial markets like Forex, Comex, and Crypto. Carlos and Company have a legit website, and they have a main headquarter in India.

 If you are looking to get details about the Company, their specific services, and whether it’s worth investing your money with them. Then we have covered all these points in this complete guide on Carlos and company review 2021. Read our full blog to get all this information.

Carlos and Company Review 2021

Now let us see the various aspect of Carlos and Company to conclude if they will accomplish your expectations as a signal provider or not. We will try to give all the necessary information related to them. Let us start with their overview.

About Carlos and Company

Carlos and Company began their journey ten years ago in the forex market with a small team, and now they have a large number of professionals teams. They provide personalized service because they claim themselves to be client-centric. They offer Forex, Comex, and Crypto services in the form of research, analysis, consultation, teaching, and signals. 

Carlos and Company have a team of professionals in all necessary departments of the finance sector. Their vital part is their highly experienced research team along with they have a dedicated research team who works 24/7 to continuously observe the market to bring the best quality consultation about market fluctuations.

Carlos and Company Review

Service Costs

When you look for any signal service provider, the price point is crucial for any signals services you will see. Carlos and Company offer customized service costs to their client as per their requirement with different types of service packages. But if you compare them with some other signal provider, you will find their services expensive compared to others.We don’t know if they value their service as per their cost or not. 

 But with the maximum number of positive reviews and high client base, we can predict their service quality. Despite their high charges, if clients have favorable reviews about the company, then we can say they are skilled to some extent.

Carlos and company reviews

As we discussed above, what makes Carlos and Company so different in their approach to signals services. They offer personalized service with one expert for one client .They do not operate their services in WhatsApp groups or telegram channels. If you do not understand how any experienced professional generates signals, you will not become an expert and rely on others for a lifetime.

 Carlos and Company provide technical, fundamental, and sentimental analysis of each signal; that’s why they even have a client base of some experienced traders. They also offer educational tutorials, webinars, blogs, and videos to make their services value for money and also gives plenty of offers to keep you engaged.

.It is also for traders who want to get the most for their money in terms of learning, development, and feedback.Even if you’re already successful and simply looking for a little extra insight into signals So, Carlos and Company may be quite the right fit for your needs.


As per the company they offer the wide range of offers are given below:

  • Real-time signals and analysis as per live market condition
  • Recommendation of the open position.
  • Small SLs, Lowest Drawdown, Big Risk to Reward Ratio 
  • Signal sent 24/5 on phone
  • 24/7 Query Support
  • Constant 24/5 Monitoring and personal assistance from Experts
  • Live chart analysis & market updates with newsletter/reports
  • Real-time global news stream and economic data
  • Real-time market insights and actionable ideas from the research team
  • Plan design & development from a professional market strategist.


We got so many reviews with some common issues of Carlos and Company. In addition, we had seen another sites, read various reviews, and found the same common problems with them. Based on negative Carlos and Company review, these issues are:-

Weak Customer support

High Charges

Country timing issues

Minor feature in the basic plan

Forcing the existing client to upgrade and renew their plan 

 Also, one major drawback with Carlos and Company is they do not have any proven record to convince us that they are really serving what they promising. It would be best to see any proven data or any account history to ensure they are best before subscribing to their services. 

Carlos And Company Reviews
  • signals
  • Support
  • Experience
  • Service Cost


Carlos and Company lie among the top notch zone in the consulting firm. They have a separate field for each department in the finance sector. Furthermore, they have a highly experienced Research Team to make you connect with live market updates and changes to invest securely.

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  • Real-time signals
  • personal assistance from Experts
  • market updates with newsletter
  • Real-time market insights


  • Weak Customer Support
  • High Charges
  • Country Timing Issues
  • Less Features in the Basic Plan

Is Carlos and Company A Good Option as per their review?

There are many positive reviews about Carlos and Company along with some negative one. So reviews alone can’t justify company’s service or product quality as it’s hard to convince and satisfy everyone in this world. In addition, any company can put fake reviews in various ways on any of the sites.

 Atlast,We can say that we had not seen severe reviews about the poor quality of signal.It is not easy to sustain for ten years with a large client base in the volatile and highly competitive Forex industry. As per the maximum number of client’s reviews of Carlos and Company, their client’s got small profits and consistent growth. 

Those that love to get consistent results even with low margins, who want to play safe, and those who need analysis of each signal to increase their trading knowledge can go with Carlos and Company. In addition, it is always advised from us to test their service first and try some signals for free because you can get some trial before subscribing to any of the signals services.

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