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Forex Education

What is Scalp trading?

What is a scalp trading strategy? Scalping or scalp trading is a short-term strategy for trading in currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, indices, and other financial markets. Scalping trading is placing…

What is Currency Hedging

Understanding the concept of forex hedging You may have observed the difference between the price of goods and services compared to the past years. Is the price of bread loaf…

Forex Exchange History

Forex Exchange History In the present time, the Foreign exchange market is the largest and most liquid financial market. Many businesses, institutions, and profitable and non-profitable organizations engage in foreign…

Best Trading Journal

How to make the best trading Journal in Forex Trading Journal plays a crucial role in forex trading, and helps traders in many ways throughout the trade. However, many people…

What is copy trading?

What is Copy Trading, and how does it work with pros and cons? Trading in financial assets requires knowledge, continuous market monitoring, analytical and research skills, and many other qualities.…

Technical analysis in Forex trading 

Technical analysis in Forex trading enjoys a massive significance in predicting currency movement. Learning how to use forex technical analysis in the best way, its tools, and its strategies is…

Forex Broker Reviews

Tickmill Review 

OVERVIEW OF TICKMILL Tickmill is a popular broker platform for trading different financial assets. That’s why we have decided to review Tickmill’s products, services, pricing policies, resources, tools, leverage and…

Vantage Review

OVERVIEW OF VANTAGE Vantage is amongst the top forex broker with a large customer base worldwide. That’s why we have decided to review in terms of security, credibility, price structure,…

Crypto Currencies

Cold Storage Crypto Wallets

Cold Storage Crypto Wallets

Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular these days amongst investors and traders. With the exceptional growth of the crypto market, the need for a safer storage option is also increasing. In

1 month ago
Is cryptocurrency a scam

Is cryptocurrency a scam

The crypto market is developing at a large scale due to digitalization and technological development. Many people daily start trading in cryptocurrencies. However, even today, the most common question beginners

9 months ago
Top 10 Cryptocurrencies in 2023 

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies in 2023 

Traders have made tons of money by investing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Due to higher returns, people's interest in the crypto market is increasing. However, people usually

9 months ago
History of cryptocurrency 

History of cryptocurrency 

Many people are now familiar with cryptocurrencies or may have heard about them. But they don't know how did cryptocurrency started and became a popular medium of exchange. In this

11 months ago


How to trade oil?

What is oil trading? Oil trading is the buying and selling of oil for making profits with the increase or decrease in oil price.Oil trading is quite similar to gold

Gold trading strategy

Gold is popularly known as a safe haven asset because, during economic uncertainty, and recession, the price of gold remains the same or increases while the price of other assets

Best Books on Options Trading

8 Best Options Trading Books The trading world is full of different types of people. Some people fear options; some use these instruments for portfolio diversification and hedging, while some

What is Comex

Investing is the best way to make money in modern times. These days investors’ attraction towards the Comex market is increasing. Learn about what is Comex, its exchange platform and

What is Gold trading

Gold is amongst the most precious metals in the world. Gold trading is the process of buying and selling gold to earn profit from price fluctuation.Under gold trading, a trader

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